Tips & Tricks

Beauty Sponge Tips & Tricks

Wet Sponge:

  • Squeeze under water a few times, this allows the fibres in the sponge to expand causing it to expand twice in size. BONUS!
  • You may notice a little bit of the water soluble dye appear when washing the sponge, this is completely normal. After a few washes or one wash, the dye will no longer appear. The dye will not transfer onto your make up. 
  • Make sure to squeeze out all the water before using and after washing the sponge to let it dry. Leaving excess water in the sponge may cause mould to grow. 
  • The expanded sponge will no longer fit in the packaging whilst it is wet. However, we recommend sitting the sponge on the packaging to let it dry overnight. 
  • The sponge will go back to normal size within a day. 
  • Wet sponge is suitable to be used with liquid foundation, liquid concealers and other liquid products.

Beauty Tip - we love baking under our eyes with loose powder, our secret tip is using the wet sponge. Dip the slanted side of the sponge into your desired loose powder and tap it on your concealer or where you need to bake. The loose powder will beautifully blend, almost sink into skin and create a flawless bake without even baking. An instant bake, no need for cooking time. 

Dry Sponge:

  • You can use liquid products with a dry sponge as well.
  • You can use the slanted edge to apply your powder bronzer.
  • Dry sponge can be used with powder highlighters, blush and bronzers.
  • If you're using your sponge everyday, we recommend to wash your sponge 2-3 times a week with a gentle make up cleanser or gentle cleanser for sensitive skin.

Generally, we suggest applying the product on your face, hand or a palette, then using the sponge to dip into your product or blend on your face. Eg. liquid foundation, concealers that have an applicator will make it easy to apply on your face first.

Products like powder bronzers and blush may not be so easy to apply on your face first. Gently tap the sponge into your blush and bronzer pan and build the coverage as you go. 

We recommend to use the round bottom to apply your liquid foundation, liquid concealers to create an even coverage on your face.

The slanted and curved edge will help you get into the corners of your nose, under eyes, around your eyebrows and when applying concealer to your eyelids. It also offers you precision stippling.

To ensure that your sponge doesn't grow any mould and last long with many uses, we suggest when washing to make sure there is absolutely no water when squeezed and by placing the sponge back in the packaging it will reduce bacteria from growing.

The sponge is definitely washable and reusable. We recommend replacing your sponge every 3-6 months, however if you are cleaning it often it may last longer.